Hey guys! I apologize the wait between updates. I’ve update the gallery with Blu-Ray Captures, Stills, Promotional Photos, and the official trailer from Alan’s 1995 movie Sense & Sensibility. This is one of my favorite movies that he has ever done and one of my all time favorite movies. I hope you enjoy and I will get the site caught up in the next few days! Thanks for visiting as always!

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates around here. Alan has been kinda quite since CBGB promotion back in October/November. But, I’ve added his performance from this year The Butler where he starred as President Reagan. His part wasn’t that big and there wasn’t much to screen capture but I hope you the HQ shots and I will be adding CBGB captures tomorrow! Enjoy!

Hey guys! I’ve added two production stills of Alan’s newest movie “A Promise”. Also, as you can see we have a new layout here and at the gallery! I hope you like them. If you see any errors, let me know. Lastly, I’ve opened up us a tumblr account to share updates and extra photos with fans! Please follow us back!

I’ve added HQ photos of Alan from his latest appearances at the Lumos Fundraising Event which was hosted by Harry Potter series writer J.K. Rowling.

Since Alan is quite down some since promoting CBGB. I’m gonna try to add what is missing to the gallery. Starting off, I’ve added 9 more photoshoots of Alan to the gallery. A big thanks goes to Ashley & Claudia for some of these photoshoots. Also, I’m in the middle of doing a new layout for the site. So stay tune and enjoy the photos.

As promised, I’ve added 11 HQ stills of Alan from his appearances on Jimmy Fallon. Enjoy!

Hi guys! I’ve added HQ photos of Alan at his CBGB New York Premiere and when he visited the SiriusXM Studios early last week! Enjoy and I’m gonna try to get the HQ Stills of his visit with Jimmy Fallon later today!

I’ve added to the gallery screen captures from Alan’s appearances on the show. I thought the interview was cute and awesome! I’m gonna try to have the clip of it very soon. And I will try to upload the rest of the upcoming photos tomorrow. Enjoy!

I know these are late but I’ve been very busy with other things. But I’ve added about 150 photos from the event and all in HQ. Many thanks to Dianne @ Richard Madden Online for donating some of the photos. I hope you enjoy and come back soon for more updates! Reminder you can follow our updates on twitter @arickmanfanorg